Societies and Associations

Do your society’s members answer “yes” to these questions?

  • Would your members like a week of research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, or the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but no one wants to set up the hotel, shuttle service, and extra events?
  • Do some of the members need more research assistance than others, but no one feels qualified to offer that assistance?
  • Does your society or association have a special project that needs financing?

Then your members can have it all with Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips.

Our trips have already been planned for your group including an excellent hotel which includes a full breakfast every day and offers free shuttle service. To make this trip even better your members will get pre-trip suggestions for organizing their research problems, a choice to either receive guidelines for creating their own research plan or have a research plan created for them by the trip leaders (only 6 spaces available for this choice), a Sunday “Muster” with dessert items, and a group dinner at a local restaurant.

Once you arrive at your destination, the assistance continues at the Library where the leaders will help your members locate which resources at their trip’s library might hold the information they need, use the state-of-the-art equipment available to them for free and provide any other research assistance they might need.

By joining one of the Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips, your members instantly have access to the leaders’ over 30 years collective experience in genealogy and using the resources of either trip library. Ann and Margo are both genealogy instructors (beginning through advanced) which makes it easy for them to work with your members. Both leaders are professional genealogists, lecturers and do research for clients. They keep their skills current by attending conferences (national and local), advanced training symposiums, workshops, podcasts and webinars. When your members participate in an Ann-Mar Genealogy Trip, they can tap into Ann and Margo’s expertise to shorten their learning curve and begin searching as soon as possible for the records their ancestors have left. Ann and Margo are dedicated to helping your members research be as successful and easy as possible and will personally guide them through the maze of microfilms, microfiche, books and computer databases available at either library.

On top of the above assistance to your members, Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips would like to send a donation to your society or association of $10.00 per attending member. To qualify for this donation:

  • 12 or more members must register and pay for the same trip.
  • Enter your society or association’s name on the registration form
  • Pick a member to coordinate with Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips
  • The coordinator shall verify that each member who wants to participate has completed the registration process.
If 15-20 members want to attend a trip to either the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, or the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips will create a trip just for the society. Ann and Margo will work with the society to select the date for the trip. Package prices may vary.
Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips donation to your society or association will be determined by the number of paid members participating in the trip and will be sent after the completion of the trip.  Please contact Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips for more details.

All your members have to do to begin to hurdle their brick wall is pick the trip that is best for them and plan their travel to the destination city.

Check out our upcoming trip schedule here.

P.S. 10% off if you sign up early!



Ann and Margo are both members of the Association of Professional Genealogists,
Genealogical Speakers Guild, and the National Genealogical Society.