What past trip participants say about Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful and helpful these two ladies are. They are very hands-on. [As a Premium trip participant] they made two [research] plans for me; the plans were very comprehensive and easy to follow. I plan on going to Salt lake City with them again next year! L.S., Premium

This is my second trip with Ann-Mar. I would even consider coming to Salt Lake City again with these two devoted genealogists. They are excellant teachers who get involved with our projects. They are eager for us to expand our knowledge, online computer skills . . .find data and clues of our people, i.e. are you sure you have the right person. Fun goes along with this trip. We visit different restaurants within walking distance – a refreshing break. They [Ann and Margo] are interested in showing us the heritage of the town and culture that has provided us the [Family History Library] rich resource for genealogy. J.S., Standard

I am going to return to Salt Lake City, and I hope that it will be in conjunction with another of AnnMar Genealogy Trips. J.S., Standard

A worry-free week of supported research was a delight. Ann and Margo provided the expertise and knowledge to make my first trip to SLC [Salt Lake City] a success.  J.J., Standard

I have been searching for over ten years, and decided to take this tour so I would feel comfortable & competent at the FHL [Family History Library] from day one. Margo and Ann’s presentation and tour were just what I needed. They are professionals with wide and varied experiences which should meet anyone’s needs.  S.W., Standard

I highly recommend the Ann-MarTrip to both beginners and experienced genealogy researchers. I have been doing genealogy for 10 years so I was surprised at the number of things they were able to teach me about research. The project preparation materials are also full of helpful ways to increase the depth of your research and a tremendous learning tool before you even get toSalt Lake City. Ann and Margo are amazing at what they do and were always available to assist and answer questions.  Thanks to Ann and Margo for a great experience.  J.W., Standard

We had a great experience taking a genealogy trip to the Family History Library this past April with Margo Brewer and Ann Staley. They were really organized with a pre-trip problem analysis to get us focused on our individual genealogy projects and all the details for trip planning. Their recommendations for lodging were excellent. We had an evening get-together inSaltLakethe night before our “week” started and it was a great idea to get a presentation on the library layout and how to plan our research effort. During the week we had twice daily follow-up meetings to check on our progress and to get refocused as needed. Their technical and genealogy support was outstanding. They really know what’s available and how best to get the info. We would highly recommend using the services of Margo & Ann, especially if it’s your first visit to the Family History Library. C. & T. B., Premium

Participating in a research trip with Ann-Mar Trips was a super experience; it taught me a lot about researching. I actually wrote a research plan for the first time; I then used that plan during my research time at the Family History Library.  I learned the value of using a research plan & how much it helps a researcher focus and stay on task. Since I was a limited participant, I also learned how to write a research plan that was done before arriving in SLC [Salt Lake City]. I got lots of help while writing it via email or phone & always had a rapid response to my questions.  It was really great while doing research to be able to get personal assistance. I could ask for help any time it was needed and received it promptly. The leaders also checked with me on a regular basis through the day. I had a great, relaxed, but intense week of learning & researching.  L.C., Standard

A fantastic week of study. I broke through two brick walls and made progress on a third. The knowledge of the leaders and the resources of the FHL [Family History Library] made it possible to access all kinds of information using original documents. Strongly recommended. R.M., Standard

As a result of the support and guidance provided by Margo and Ann, the experience prior to that trip, during the trip, and after that trip has been invaluable. I was able to get into the Mayflower Society through my 8th great grandparents, Myles Standish and John Alden. That research also led me to learn that I had an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War inMainein 1777, so I have joined the Sons of the American Revolution. Further, the contacts that they have in the genealogy research world have also been of great value.  M.M., Premium

I went on an Ann-Mar tour in October 2009, to the Family History Library inSalt Lake City. What a treat. As I told Ann and Margo, it was like a kid in a candy store.  I had unlimited resources, and Ann and Margo helped me utilize them. They showed me everything I needed to know and helped me do it. Ann showed me the map drawers, where I found the street and probable block inNew Orleans, where my great grandfather lived. That helped me narrow down which Catholic Church the family might have attended. Other important navigation aids were restaurants, activities near the library and a very nice hotel.  Margo showed me how to use a sibling of my grandmother to find possible clues of her existence inNew Orleans. Then, there was the history of the yellow fever epidemic, with the names of my great uncle and aunt listed in the mortality news of that epidemic. The most exciting event was the discovery of my great grandfather’s birth record and his parents’ marriage record from Kaiser-Schlautern, Germany. The German genealogist [a friend of Margo and Ann’s] found and translated that bit for me.  I am going to return toSalt Lake City, and I hope that it will be in conjunction with another of Ann-Mar trips.  J.S., Standard