Experienced leaders: Ann and Margo have been actively using the Family History Library, in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana for many years. You will have the benefit of their knowledge to give your research a boost.

Personalized Research Plans: Your leaders will create a research plan for the research problem you submit. Your research problem must be limited to United States research including immigration/emigration. The plan created will be detailed and cover resources at the Library your trip is visiting, as well as some online resources. If your research results move your research out of the United States, we will assist you with identifying library resources for your foreign country. When your registration is received, you will be sent information about the pre-trip Skype meetings held to explain the necessary instructions, forms, and examples as well as other pre-trip suggestions including any date deadlines, so start planning/thinking now about the specific research problems you want to pursue.

Individual consultations: The leaders will be available Monday through Friday for short consultations, to assist you in your research, as you need them. In addition to these short consultations, each day, except Monday, you will have a 30-minute one-on-one session with either Ann or Margo to discuss your progress and review/adjust your research plan.

Limited number of participants: The trip will be limited to six (6) Premium Level researchers to provide individual attention to your research needs.

Sunday “Muster”: The week begins Sunday evening at the hotel at 7:00 PM with a “muster” of all trip participants. This will be your first chance to meet your fellow researchers face-to-face and discuss the upcoming week of research as you enjoy a selection of dessert items.

Monday morning the fun begins!

After breakfast, we will go to the Library where we help get you settled in, followed by a presentation and a brief tour of the library facilities showing you the essential places (copy center, microfilms and microfiche, family history books, reference books, etc.).

There will be three additional presentations (optional) offered Monday and Tuesday.

Salt Lake City trip – Monday night dinner: Monday, after the Family History Library has closed at 5:00 PM we will go to dinner at a nearby restaurant (included with your registration except for alcoholic beverages). Alcoholic beverages will be available at your expense.

Fort Wayne trip – Wednesday night dinner: Wednesday at 7:00 PM we will meet in the Hilton’s Features restaurant for dinner (included with your registration except for alcoholic beverages). Alcoholic beverages will be available at your expense.

Remember, our paid non-participant travel companion is included in all non-research group activities such as the Sunday “Muster” and the dinner.